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Friso 3
When moms are working, kids are playing. And kids being kids, they love exploring new things. This at times could be a matter of deep concern for moms. Which is why, we decided to arm mothers with Friso Gold backed with the P2 Dual System™.
    Frisoshield™ with P2 Dual System™ is a combination of nutrients:  

- GOS, lcFOS and Friendly bacteria - Bifidobacterium lactis to help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and help maintain good intestinal environment.


Friso Gold 3 also contains DHA, AA and SA, essential nutrients that aid a growing child’s overall development.


With Friso Gold Frisoshield™ P2 Dual System™, you can allow your child to explore his world and at the same time, giving you peace of mind at work.

  Friso Gold 3. Curious kids need to be tough inside.
For ages 1 to 3 years
Available in 900g can

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