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"Embracing change"

Zaireen Ayu Ibrahim, 22
- Management Associate

Date joined : November 2003
Reasons for joining : Challenged by the ad that said "Empowered to change" and the tag line "Get ready for life". Dutch Lady being an established and reputable multinational company.
Department : Part of Management Associate Programme or MAP. (A systematic selection and development programme that extends over 2 years and is specially structured to prepare high potential individuals for management roles.)
Inspired by : Vision and mission statement as it keeps her focused. Behavioural core values such as change, integrity, speed and execute. And the fact that I was working with the company that produces the milk that I have loved since I was a kid.
Biggest challenges : Transitioning from student to working life. Being one of the youngest. Working alongside highly experienced people in the industry.
Hobbies : Kick boxing, travelling and very importantly, catching up with friends.
Advice to applicants : Don't be afraid of change but be prepared to accept the challenges that come along the way. In the world without borders, be prepared to adapt, adapt and change to keep up. Stand to be counted all the time but never be arrogant.