Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. is the holding company of Dutch Lady Malaysia and it’s owned by generations of farmers. For over 140 years, our Dutch farmer families have been mastering the art of producing milk, handing down only the very best practices, principles and knowledge from one generation to another.

In fact, our farmers were the original breeders of the Frisian cow, now one of the world’s most popular breeds for producing milk. Even the grasslands that our cows roam and graze upon have been carefully cultivated by our farmers over many years. Because in Holland, we believe you get out what you put in.

Combined with modern milk production techniques, our Dutch farmer families have been producing milk that is full of wholesome goodness for generations.


Our Dutch farmer families don’t just produce great milk, they also own the business. Being 100% owned by a cooperative of farmer families allows us to guarantee care and dedication throughout the milk production process.

In Holland, they say that it takes the whole family to produce quality milk. And by “family”, we of course include the cows too. We name all of them and watch them grow, just like our very own children.

With a unique combination of generational expertise, hard work and modern technology, our Dutch farmer families have established a standard of quality and passion for milk that has lasted for generations.

Sharing this vast dairy knowledge with farmers in Asia means that they can also make quality milk that is delicious and wholesome.

After all, we know you would only want to share the best with your family.

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