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Dutch Lady Instant Milk Powder – Chocolate Flavoured

Dutch Lady® Instant Milk Powder (Chocolate) is a delicious and nutritious snack for you and your family to enjoy. It’s easy too. Just add water — hot or cold, and you have yourself a hearty and healthy chocolate drink. It’s great for the whole family any time of the day — morning, noon, and night.

Just because it has a rich chocolaty flavour doesn’t mean it compromises on nutrition, Dutch Lady® Chocolate Drink is packed with the goodness of milk, Omega 3 and 5, magnesium, and Vitamin B Complex. Only 2 servings of Dutch Lady® Chocolate Drink contains 50% of your calcium requirement for the day for you to stay strong and alert all day long.

Dutch Lady® Chocolate Drink
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Dutch Lady® Instant Milk Powder
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