Strong me,
Stronger us

Wake up and make each day stronger than the last. Dutch Lady believes that with the right nutrition, support and determination, every mother and son, father and daughter, worker and student can grow to be the best version of themselves. So whether you’re studying, working, or playing, being your best self today is the first step to an even better tomorrow.


You may win alone, but you can only thrive together with others. Dutch Lady's aim is to nourish every Malaysian's strength and ability to better themselves with the nutritional goodness of milk.

Packed with high quality milk protein, calcium and other essential nutrients, Dutch Lady milk supports the growth of strong bodies for stronger individuals. Strong Me, Stronger Us — Dutch Lady is dedicated to get Malaysians ready to thrive every single day.

Rewards for Kids

Kids need essential nutrients to grow up healthier and stronger! Milk is a healthy and delicious way to reward them without spoiling their appetites. They'll love the delicious taste and their favourite characters on the pack.

A #StrongSTART

Families that drink milk for breakfast together stay strong together. A tall glass of Dutch Lady milk in the morning is packed with nutrients for everyone to do their best throughout the day.

Milk Flavours

Go on a flavour adventure whenever you need a protein boost after your workout or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up. Dutch Lady Flavoured Milk comes in an array of indulgent, creamy flavours that’ll satisfy any craving!!


While we never compromise on taste, your health is our priority. And we strive to provide the most delicious, nutritious, high quality milk for you and your family. Dutch Lady Liquid Milk and Family Milk Powder ranges with improved recipes meet the new criteria for Malaysia's Healthier Choice Logo, to nourish you and your family to stay strong throughout the day.

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