Be Strong Together

They’ve drank and eaten right. They’ve moved and stayed active outdoors. Now, see these kids and families, as well as experts, celebrate their healthier and happier lives! Here’s what just a couple of them have to say.

Maegan Mahadevan 2014 Jr. NBA All-Stars MVP

“ I learned new basketball techniques by joining this International Basketball Program presented by Dutch Lady. Winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title has given me great motivation to work harder. The international exposure and experience that I have gained through this camp have made me stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I am now a member of our national basketball team and I would like to encourage more Malaysians to be like me and to participate in Dutch Lady’s Drink. Move. Be Strong campaign.”

Adrie Adlan
2014 Jr. NBA All-Stars

“I am always a big fan of Dutch Lady. I signed up for the camp when I saw the event on Dutch Lady Facebook. I am so glad that I did not missed out on the programme. It has been a dream come true and an opportunity of a lifetime for me!”

Faridah Ambak
Mother of participant

“I signed up my kids for this programme to expose them to outdoor activities. Otherwise, they usually just spend their time in the room playing electronic games. So this is a good activity for them to get fit and healthy”

Eg Lay Beng
Basketball Coach, SJKC Kwong Hon

“This is a very good activity because students get to learn both basic skills and advanced techniques in basketball. Without a good sponsor such as Dutch Lady who is willing to invest and to partner with an established Basketball Association, our students would not gain such valuable experiences.”

Drink and eat right

Activities go hand-in-hand with a balanced diet. To counter these nutritional deficiencies, we have recipes for meals that can help your child to achieve their daily requirement for essential nutrients.

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