and play outside

What every child needs to complement well balanced meals are some fun activities. We’ve recommended a few sports and games to keep your child moving together with the family, while developing their full potential, both physically and mentally.

Classic games for the family

Spend some time with the family, playing these classic games that you remember from your own childhood!


A classic from around the world, hopscotch is a familiar childhood game to almost everyone that helps your kids improve their sense of balance.

  • With a piece of chalk, draw the diagram shown on the left.
  • The first player tosses the marker (typically a stone, coin or bean bag) into the first square. The marker must land completely within the designated square and without touching a line or bouncing out. The player then hops through the course, skipping the square with the marker in it.
  • Single squares must be hopped on one foot. For the first single square, either foot may be used. Side by side squares are straddled, with the left foot landing in the left square, and the right foot landing in the right square.

Drink and eat right

Activities go hand-in-hand with a balanced diet. To counter these nutritional deficiencies, we have recipes for meals that can help your child to achieve their daily requirement for essential nutrients.

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Be strong together

See what some healthy families and experts have to say about how a balanced diet and outdoor activities have helped them.

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