Balanced nutrition

Our parent company, Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. places this as one of the four cornerstones of its own corporate social responsibility agendas – to ensure sufficient nutritious food to help combat undernourishment and a shortage of nutrients. Locally, Dutch Lady Malaysia aims to continue our efforts in combating obesity and nutrient deficiency by ensuring that our products are responsibly manufactured, healthy and available in various choices and portion sizes.


Through a unique collaboration between FrieslandCampina and four international research teams/universities, Dutch Lady Malaysia initiated the South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS) study in 2009, involving four countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. SEANUTS is the largest and most extensive nutrition and health study ever done in South-East Asia, wherein 16,744 children up to 12 years old were surveyed over a four-year period.

World Milk Day

In 2008, Dutch Lady Malaysia started a holistic dairy campaign which culminated in the first ever Dutch Lady World Milk Day on 1 June 2008 until present day. The campaign was developed in response to consumer insights revealing that while many Malaysians acknowledge that milk is good for them, it is still not seen as a vital, life-long, daily nutrition.

Every year in June since then, the Dutch Lady World Milk Day is a highly anticipated affair celebrated nationwide. The campaigns consistently serve as a special dedication to Malaysians to encourage milk consumption, and educate them on the wonders and goodness of milk for one’s health.

National School Milk Programme

In support of the government’s aim to improve the nutritional status of Malaysian children, Dutch Lady Malaysia joined the school milk programme in 2011.

Following the relaunch of the school milk programme to Program Susu 1Malaysia (PS1M), we continued our participation in the programme to help spread the goodness and benefits of milk to school children, which ultimately reinforces our strength as an expert in dairy nutrition.

On 24 September 2014, we celebrated Malaysia’s first ever World School Milk Day in Malaysia with the Kelantan State Education Department.

Through working with the Malaysian government, we provided milk to more than 200,000 selected school children in Kelantan and Terengganu between the ages of seven and 12 years in 2013. With the Ministry of Education’s support, a series of educational road shows were also conducted to educate the students on proper milk handling and benefits of milk consumption.