Dutch Heritage

Our name reflects our rich history. Friesland is an area in North Holland known for its green meadows, beautiful lakes, blue skies and Frisian dairy herds. Campina is a wooded region of grasslands in the Netherlands, so named by the Romans more than 20 centuries ago. It’s these rich grasslands that families of farmers have made into one of the top dairy producing regions in the world.

Our history dates back to 1871, when farmers decided to join forces and create a community committed to sustainable farming in order to produce a better quality dairy product.

We grew stronger over the years and today we have more than 19,000 member farmers in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, many of whom have been with us since their grandparents or even great-grandparents.

We named the community FrieslandCampina and today it’s one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives. This means that we are supervised and owned by the farmers. After all, shouldn’t the people who know the most about the milk be the ones in charge of making it?