Farm & Community

Our collective of Dutch farmer families are a close-knit community that uphold family values like togetherness. After all, it’s not a business; it’s a family business.

The very reason why the cooperative was created was for neighbouring Dutch farmers to help each other and, in doing so, thrive as a community even in diffcult times. And to this day, our farmer families remain loyal to the same values on which their ancestors founded the farms.

We aim to pass on this sense of community with the farmers in Asia when we share our Dutch knowledge and quality standards with them.

Farmer Collective

What makes us special is that we are a cooperative that’s run by and for farmers. Our 20,000 dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany all have a say in how the company is run, with representatives sitting in the supervisory board.

We created this unique structure to help build a stable environment for our farmer families. By ensuring they can find support for each other within the community, they can stand stronger, united by the passion for milk. Every link of the chain, from the sustainable way we farm our land, the care and methods we use, to the people involved, is one inseparable unit within our cooperative.

We are now one of the biggest diary cooperatives in the whole world. In fact, our members produce and process milk and milk products to be sold in more than 100 countries all over the globe.

Not bad for something that started from such humble beginnings.