Dutch Lady® Marvel® Pack

UHT Full Cream Milk, UHT Strawberry Flavoured Milk, and UHT Chocolate Flavoured Milk

What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Agile like Spiderman? Smart like Ironman? Mighty like Thor? Strong like Captain Marvel?

Look out for Dutch Lady® Marvel Packs for fun playtime treats and healthy rewards for kids today! They’re sure to love the delicious taste with their favourite characters on the packaging.

Packed with Protein, Calcium, and other essential nutrients, milk is a healthy snack that supports children’s growth and development. These perfectly-portioned packs even come in full cream, chocolate flavour and strawberry flavour to satisfy even the pickiest palates! With the improved recipe, this delicious snack is now even better than before!

Dutch Lady® Marvel UHT Milk Packs are available in 125ml and 180ml packs to help fulfill your kid’s daily nutritional needs.

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