Dutch Lady

Full cream milk

Make Perfect Coffee and Desserts

A RICH, CREAMY, HIGHLY VERSATILE MILK designed for food professionals to use in baking, cooking and make beverages

SPECIALLY FORMULATED TO DELIVER SMOOTH MICROFOAM in coffee and delivers a taste that is perfectly balanced when mixing with other ingredients

Highly stable under high temperature, making it the perfect milk for chefs and baristas for their unique creations.

Benefits for barista
  • Makes silky and lasting microfoam in coffee
  • Delivers 20-25% savings
  • Long shelf-life, hence no pressure of finishing up the milk,
  • Therefore less wastage
  • Its ambient storage frees up fridge space and convenient for catering services
Benefits for Chefs
  • Makes tender and moist cakes in pastries and desserts
  • Adds a soft and smooth texture in ice desserts
  • Stable performance when cooking or baking under high temperature
  • More hygienic with the reclose able cap
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