At Dutch Lady Malaysia, we are guided by FrieslandCampina’s Compass, our code for good business conduct. Compass and its corresponding policies provides the basic principles of integrity, respect and transparent business behaviour of the Company and its employees in all our business undertakings. All our employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of propriety, integrity and conduct in all their business relationships. Employees are contractually bound to abide by the Compass code for good business conduct in their business activities and with external stakeholders such as our customers and suppliers. Our Business Partners are also expected to conduct business in the manner set out in our Business Practices for Business Partners policy.


At Dutch Lady Malaysia, we want to do business in the right way, responsibly. Any improper or dishonest way of doing business, including any form of bribery (direct or indirect) and facilitation payments, is strictly forbidden.


Employees are encouraged to report any malpractices without fear or favour with the establishment of the Speak-Up procedure which allow an employee to address any concerns regarding non-compliance with Compass to the Company’s local trusted representatives or an external contact at FrieslandCampina’s head office.