Regulatory Compliance

Dutch Lady Malaysia respects the rule of law and therefore, we keep ourselves informed of all legal obligations by:

  • Complying with legal requirements in all jurisdictions in which the organisation operates, even if those laws and regulations are not adequately enforced;
  • Ensuring that our relationships and activities comply with the intended and applicable legal framework;
  • Informing employees about recent and relevant laws and regulations and ways in which they can comply;
  • Periodically reviewing compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including those outlined in Malaysia Food Act 1983 and Regulation 1985.

Our primary concern is to uphold and maintain the quality of our products by ensuring food products are prepared and manufactured to the appropriate standards using quality ingredients.

We are committed to comply with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. As such, we included the review of compliance with applicable laws and regulations in its management systems covering areas of quality, safety and Halal.

We keep abreast of legal obligations within the regulatory network and we are involved with industry associations and other memberships.

Ethical practices in the marketing of infant products

We believe breastfeeding is the best and most natural way to ensure normal health and development of infants during at least the first six months of life under the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). Breast milk is recognised as the gold standard for infant nutrition and its short- and long-term health benefits are well documented.

In Malaysia, the National Breastfeeding Policy is in line with the WHO and UNICEF recommendation. The Code of Ethics for the Marketing of Infant Foods and Related Products (Malaysia Code), governed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health, outlines ethical procedures on marketing practices pertaining to infant product.

Dutch Lady Malaysia is a responsible organisation working in partnership with various stakeholders to uphold the credibility of the industry in support of infant and young child nutrition in the country. We support all initiatives that promote and educate the public about the unsurpassed benefits of breastfeeding.

Importantly, we are committed to the compliance of Malaysia Code of Ethics for the Marketing of Infant Foods and Related Products. In support of that, we demonstrated our corporate policy and guideline for the marketing of infant foods called “Do’s & Don’ts” in adherence to WHO and National code provisions with proper monitoring system, and where necessary, appropriate counter measures are taken to ensure compliance.