The Truitman Family

Walk virtually into the Truitman’s family farm in the east of Holland. Let farmer Walter welcome you and introduce you to his family. Simply follow each member and discover his or her story about how life is in an authentic Dutch farm.

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A true family affair, the dairy farm is run by three generations of Truitman. Grandparents Barend and Judy, Walter and his wife Charlot and their three children Hanne, Matt and Lars. Of course, the family also consists of the 120 cows and 110 calves that live there!

Their farm is located right near the Deldeneresch river with many old oak forests and bushes.


The Broekman Dairy is located near the village of Waspik in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. It is run by Mark and Anita in partnership with Mark’s parents. They’ve recently built a new farm on top of a mound.

The farm consists of 110 cows, 90 calves and their daughters Dewi, Fenna and Milou.


On this sprawling 38 acres there are over 135 cows and calves. The farm is run by Rob and Lonneke with Rob’s parents Jeff and Toos pitching in. Not only that, Lonneke has a side business of being a hairdresser to the community! Which is good news for their boys Drik and Cato as their haircuts are free.


This farm is owned by Theo and Hilda Sonderlo, their children Princes and Christel Frenken-Sonderlo, and their children Marchien, Lidian and Alexander. All of whom wake up every morning at 6am to start milking their over 125 cows.


Monique and Jaap Visser Elshof not only have 95 cows, they also have 35 sheep, two horses, a pony, some chickens, a rabbit and a cat. This makes it a lovely place to play for their three kids, Wim Jan, Anne Corine and Martijin.


Located in the countryside outside of Biggekerke, this farm is run by farmer Andre and his wife along with their two children Reuben and Loura. They took over the farm in 1993 from Andre’s parents and have been running it ever since, building it up to the magnificent farm it is today with over 120 cows and calves.